So yeah...I missed my favorite nerd holiday, Alien Day 4/26 (named appropriately for the planet LV-426). So I am writing this on what I declare "The Morning After Alien Day". Only there's no walks of shame or a chestburster in 8 to 9 months that comes popping out. Silly rabbit, didn't you know aliens don't turn tricks for kids? (And neither should you...but I digress). So, needless to say, next year I'll be sure to be up on my game and celebrate my new nerd holiday. And how will I celebrate? Haha. Good you should ask.

1. I'm going to eat food made for a Xenomorph aficionado.

Such as....Xenomorph Pretzel Eggs! Chris-Rachael Oseland from made theses beautiful pretzels, and as she says, perfect to be served as a last meal.

She also has made these beautiful vegetarian alien eggs.


2. I'm also going to play with all my alien toys...




3. I'll watch Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Ressurection on my Alien Anthology blu-ray set.



4. Xenomorph Origami!

So now you know, don't let 4/26 take you unawares.