I guess you can tell from the screen shot that belonged to this article that WolfQuest is a horrendous game. And it's a boring game! You roam around as a 2 year old wolf in Yellowstone National Park. You hunt, you mark your territory, meet other wolves and fight for their territory, or find a mate. Luckily I only downloaded the free trial on Steam, I would have been pissed had I actually paid for it. My conclusion is this game isn't worth any amount of money, and you might find watching golf (or the grass grow, for that matter) more constructive and entertaining. Who the hell honestly came up with this shit?!


Also the soundtrack is enough to make your ears bleed. It's very west-ish and basically sounds like the soundtrack to a Colorado gold mining documentary or reality T.V. It loops over and over, so be warned that it'll stick in your brain. Then you'll be forced into hearing it in your head during the most inconvenient times.

I really don't see the point of this game, or why it was made. Haha, but really I wasn't expecting much. I figured it'd be rather hokey. Nothing like Goat Simulator.