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Shut up grandpa, and take your Soma.

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I'm trying to think about what my first post should be about. I've actually spent hours thinking of something witty to write. But now it's early Monday morning, and I'm at a complete loss. One of my friends (from the crew) is texting me. They have a lot of shit on their plate right now. A lot of unsettled feelings and distress. Maybe actually too much for this person to handle. At least what I gather is that they're lost and looking for a way out of the current situation. And the only thing I can really do is be there to "listen", in this case, read. Because that's what a friend does, right? What this friend doesn't realize is this: sometimes I am the bane to my own existence. I think every person is like that though. All I can do is sit here and try being that one person in their corner until the storm passes.

Why is life always so much drama? I hate drama with a passion. It's just too much. When real life becomes an every day soap opera, I'm out. Fuck that shit.

Anyway that's all for now. Check back later. And happy hunting.

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